Package 1 - All Inclusive / Unlimited

4 payments


This package includes unlimited recording hours with no cap on the hours.  If you need to re-record tracks because they are not to your liking you can start over and not worry about racing the clock as in other studios.  ELITE Source 1 guarantees in writing, equal to or better than major label sound for any of our studio recordings!  This package also includes mixing of your entire album (up to 12 songs) and mastering of your entire album.  Our professional team will also assist you with post production support such as copywrite, publishing, distribution and management for no additional fees.  This package is offered for a flat rate of $4,800 and we accept 4 payments of $1200 at quarterly intervals as your project progresses.

Package 2 - All Inclusive / Unlimited

2 payments


This studio package is exactly like package 1, however, package 2 consists of 2 payments of $2,000, saving you $800 dollars.  The flat rate total is only $4,000.  Songwriting and beat production can be added to any package for a small additional fee.  Compare with other pro studios where your album will easily run you over $10,000, to what we offer for one low flat rate of $4,000 !!!

Package 3 - Monthly Unlimited



Package 3 is an unlimited monthly recording package that includes 50 hours of studio time.  Typically this package gets you into the studio 1 - 2 days per week and sometimes takes over a month for the artist to use all 50 hours.  The flat rate for this package is only $1600 and we accept 2 payments on this package also.  We put all details of all of our packages in writing for your conveinience and peace of mind. 

Hourly / Day Rates



$60 / hour


$400 / day  ( day consists of 8 hours )



Elite Source 1  Guarantees in Writing that any recording coming out of our studio will be


Studio Recording